Who We Are

  • thirteen years

    We have focused exclusively on positive social change through behavior change marketing for over 13 years.

  • behavior change

    We are proud to be a behavior change marketing company, not a commercial ad agency.

    Why are we proud?

    We believe that changing behavior is fundamentally different from changing a brand preference. Our understanding of this difference allows us to develop strategies that are specific to the unique process of behavior change. In addition, by being a behavior change company, every one of our staff members is constantly thinking about behavior change. This ensures that our best creative and strategic minds are thinking about every behavior change campaign.

  • youth & young adults

    We primarily work on campaigns to reach youth and young adults, but sometimes also empower youth to change adult opinions and behaviors.

  • tobacco, alcohol, obesity, violence

    Public health is our specialty, including issues such as tobacco, alcohol, obesity and violence.

    What about other issues?

    We want to make sure that all of our campaigns lead to tangible behavior change and these are the behaviors we are most experienced in. However, we are happy to discuss other issues with you. If we believe that our skills are applicable to your challenge, we are happy to take on that behavior with you.

What we do

Rescue SCG provides comprehensive behavior change marketing programs to clients. We begin with our proprietary formative research process, the Functional Analysis For Cultural Interventions, or FACI™ for short. Through this process, we learn what is driving the unhealthy behavior or keeping people from the healthy behavior to determine whether a policy change or culture change program will be more effective to change the behavior.

Why do we separate these?

The processes of changing knowledge, changing policy and changing culture are all very different. They each involve different tactics, channels, messages, stakeholders, strategies and even different measures of success. For this reason, we typically develop separate programs to address each of these objectives. However, if it is possible to tackle more than one of these objectives with a single campaign, we happily work with our clients to take advantage of that opportunity.

If culture change is necessary, we implement our Social Branding® strategy which utilizes advertising, events, street marketing and social media to reach the influencers of a culture and convinces them to change. If policy change is needed, we implement our Evolvement™ program, which empowers youth to plan events and projects that achieve measures of progress towards policy change.

How we do it

We implement Health Comm, Evolvement and
Social Branding as comprehensive behavior change programs that include multiple services.

Each of the following services are executed in-house to ensure cohesive program implementation and measurable success.

Strategic Planning

Broadcast & Video Production

Brand Development

Advocacy & Voter Outreach

Events & Sponsorships

Youth Empowerment

Social Media & Digital Engagement

Street Promotions

New Media Advertising

Websites & Applications

Traditional Advertising

Research, Testing, & Evaluation

Who we do it for

We currently provide ongoing and comprehensive behavior change programs for these organizations.

Map of RescueSCG Clients

We currently provide ongoing and comprehensive behavior change programs for these organizations.

  • 1. Southern Nevada Health District
  • 2. Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth
  • 3. New Mexico Department of Health [TUPAC]
  • 4. Utah Department of health
  • 5. Mississippi Department of Health
  • 6. UCSF Center for Tobacco Research & Education
  • 7. Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust
  • 8. Tobacco-Free Nebraska
  • 9. Vermont Department of Health
  • 10. Denver Health and Hospital Authority
  • 11. FDA Center for Tobacco Products